Eat with the locals, Chengdu Sichuan

No wonder Chengdu is a happy city just by looking at the way how locals eat! None stop eating life style, always in line just waiting for food!

Thank you for the local friend taking me to see the very local places !

Start with beef but one thing they always must have is the spicy chili seasoning ! This is like their ” salt”.

This place only sells beef in all style !

Just could not believe how could we ate so much only for two people !

On our way walking toward to other place, I start to fall in love with Chengdu even more is the living style and how happy people are here. Always able to see people laughing and just sit around for a good day out.

We stop for a quick draft beer ! Life can’t be better than this.

Next stop is this hot pot place, I asked why your hot pot place is so unique ? The guy replied ” our owner is an artist”

By this point, I am pretty much stuffed but we still have missions need to be complete.

I saw the way how they barbecue the lamb and I really love to have this one at home.

One last stop before we call it off for tonight ! Little crayfish ! Never understood why people love this so much until tonight I believed this is the best I have had so far. The flavor of the crayfish and the cooking technique give an extra point for it.

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