One of the spicy eating experience – Zigong cuisine

There are few different types of spiciness but some people may not able to handle it but since I have moved to Sichuan, Chengdu for nearly 2 months so I am slowly adapting the spiciness. But tonight my local Sichuan friends took me to this Zigong restaurant and some had warned me ” its extremely spicy and not sure if you could handle it.

Before the dishes come this is to make sure we can clear the spices. This is not a dessert .

Spicy beef ! So flavorful and very mild but a lot of spices in it.

Spicy frogs but this broth is so tasty with fresh gingers finely julienned

This reminds me of Hakka dish but just not the spiciness !

Rabbit head but u didn’t touch it at all just not sure where to start but my friends told me this is one of their signature dish

This is the craziest one !! My dear friend had one bite and start crying and got stomach cramped but we just sat there and laugh … what kind of friends we are. And I told the owner to give me some to punish my cooks ! This is the evil fruit salad !

If you ever travel to Chengdu definitely not to miss Zigong cuisine ! Truly flavorful, cook with fresh ingredients. It may not look as great as it taste it but it’s a must try !

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