Daily Experience in Hong Kong

Haven’t got time to go hiking for a long while. Yesterday decided to take the initiative and just took a cab with my friends and the taxi driver drop us off at the wrong area, still got 1.8 km before reach the starting point but the amazing part was the taxi driver came back to look for us ! 

On that road there was no pedestrian path to walk and as three of us all amazing there is a such a nice driver in Hong Kong ! It made our day to start the hiking trail and the whole hike was awesome. Dragon back has been one of my fav place to hike in Hong Kong. Close to the city and fast to get there with amazing sea view by the rocks. But my night didn’t end up the way I expected, as I was waiting for taxi to meet my friends for dinner but taxi driver refused to take me because the distance was too short !! 

Nothing is perfect in this world so I slept over to forget it and remembered the first time I came to HK as a kid never like Hong Kong and still see no improvement of the city because this is not a hospitable city unless you are willing to pay more for service. Otherwise don’t expect much then there will be a surprise like what I had during my hike the taxi driver I met. There are still some nice people and don’t let the bad ones to spoilt your whole day. 

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