A boiling hot city serves amazing local flavors- Bangkok 

Since I was a kid, I always love Thai food probably the first time I came to Thailand and had their spicy, tangy, flavorful dishes and still remember so well my family did not like the jasmine rice as they tasted it and all left the table and left me behind, I sat there and ate all the dishes on the table and that was the first time I fall in love with Thai cuisine and this country ! 

I always like to walk and see what the locals eat. As I saw many of them walking into this place and I stood outside a while and decided to walk in and ordered one bowl of noodle soup to try. It was good and the spice and sauce you can add on your own preference. A bowl of noodle soup only cost 40Baht. 

And of course green mango with sugar chili must have as a snack ! This uncle cut this whole unripe mango for me and only cost 20baht.


This time I tried few new restaurants and some i think must share: 

This far out restaurant serve north east Thai cuisine ! The fish floss so crispy and you will not know if I don’t tell you it’s fish ! You may think it’s pork.  Now I look all the dishes my friends have ordered and they are all great to go with alcohol. Fermented pork sausage also a new one I tried on this trip and it has unique flavor and again greet to go with drinks among group of friends. At the end meal the whole check was 1000 baht. 

Another local Thai restaurant and the name called ” The Local ” it actually explained so well on the first page of the menu. Local, old recipe, culture, authentic and learning. All the dishes were very tasty and I think we just ordered too much for only two people. 

Wish my trip in Bangkok could be longer but then you only can eat so much in a day and it is always nice to come back to try new places and discover something new. 

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