Lost in arts world! 

Asia premier art  fair – Art Basel ! It attracts many local, international art lovers, dealers, artists to come. This is my first time going to this event in Hong Kong. Not just all the arts were amazing and interesting from different prospective but looking at those artists the way they carry themselves also a good scene. 

Come with me to see some arts ! 

I was surprised about Indian art pieces ! Dark but also colorful ! Such a great contrast. 

Looking at those bowls and just curious what if I use those bowls to serve to the guest? 

I love this one and somehow reminds me of Mexican art. 

So much to see in such a short time but definitely worth it to come !

I stood in front of this one for a while because I was living in Siem Reap for over a hour and I ran to Angkor Wat on daily base so this art brought me back to the temple. 

At the end I saw this one – Annie Lebovitz ( one of famous photographer ) I used to cook for her and watching her photoshooting many famous actors and actress back in New York. 

Life is amazing and such a fulfill day I have. Life would be very dull without art, music and good food ! If you are in Hong Kong, go to Art Basel and maybe you will find some ideas in your life. 

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