Eating with pleasure 

One of the advantage for being a chef is when you go out to eat other chefs shows you their true hospitality. 

Chef Olivier always sought out the toughest kitchens in which to learn his craft, choosing to study under celebrated perfectionists of the French gastronomy. Mentored by culinary luminaries Joël Robuchon and Pierre Gagnaire, Olivier Elzer has enjoyed an education at the masters of today’s French cuisine. Chef Olivier has made it his own mission to popularize the finest French cuisine on his own terms. Arriving in Hong Kong in 2009, Olivier has drawn recognition and adoration for his work at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Pierre Restaurant Hong Kong. Now he is proud to embark on this, his first venture in Hong Kong.

I was very happy I decided to go for nice lunch instead of hiking well either way I prefer but dining at ” Seasons ” with spacious open kitchen able to sit by the bar area watching them cooking, prepping and received the orders and take the dishes out to me that is my Disney land ! 

When the food land in front of me, simplicity but texture match well. 

Starting with the amuse bouche- 

Let the food porn begins : 

Sometimes people forget food should keep it simple but flavorful and ensure they match, well balanced. 

A good meal bring me a big smile and also make my day ! Thank you for making me feel like a human again ! Is that too much ? Nah ! 

I will definitely come back again on trying other dishes ! 


Shop 308, 3/F, Lee Gardens Two,

28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay,

Hong Kong

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