Hiking addiction, Part of Wilson trail

This is my fourth hike of the week. I am very pleased to be working in Hong Kong besides the busy working city life but am able to spend most of my time hiking and enjoy the natural life.

An arduous trail with crazy steep climbs, this part of Wilson Trail will take you up and down. We started at Wong Nai Chung reservoir and reach to Violet Hill and it was a good warm up before heading to the Twins ( Thousand Steps) it was killing me ! But the reward was getting to see the Tai Tam Bay, Tung Tau Wan.

The end point- Stanley Gap Road

The overwhelming spectacle of Stanley is a blissful finale to the hike and plus many other attractions to offer at this area. We were lucky before the rain came down and we managed to got back to Stanley Gap Road.

This is not a long hike but with the steep climbs takes longer time than others.

Approx 3 hours, 5 km


You could take mini bus from MTR causeway bay station exit D mini bus # 5 at the cross-road of Jaffe road and cannon street to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

Or taxi from central cost around HK $ 60

From the end point :

Can take bus from Stanley Gap Road to city

Or taxi will cost around HK$ 130

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