Just a small hike – Sharp Island, Sai Tung 

This is the smallest island I have hiked in Hong Kong. Our hiking members are growing and whoever is here in Hong Kong on their visit or on their day off can join. 

Sharp island was the most underrated attraction in Asia. It’s an easy walk with quiet beaches along the island. Some tourists would go but most would go to MacLehose instead. It’s not a bad choice especially when the weather is great and good to lay by the beach after a short hike. 

We are ready ! Today is German group except me but I am slowly turning into one.

The boat we took- it isn’t a refugee boat just doesn’t look amazing but did get us to the island ! Stunning views along the hiking path.

We finally reached to this quiet beach 

On our way back, we stopped at Sai Tung for seafood lunch. After tanning by the beach and the walk, we were all hungry ! 

If you ever visit Hong Kong and would like to get away from city for half day. This would be a good place to go. 

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