A very productive day on my day off 

Starting with morning short and easy hike at dragon back with group of good friends and always the best way to end up having a cold beer by the water.

Second time hike at the dragon back, this is the closest place to hike near the city but with great view and nice Bay at the end of the hike.

Decided to go for Ho Lee Fook a try since few friends has recommended me. No reservation but only had to wait when you are here. We were lucky only waited for 15 minutes before we got our table. 

This is a very new style Cantonese food and food was decent but if you asked me if that is Cantonese cuisine or not ? I wouldn’t say it is. 

But each dish did delivered what it should be so it was very pleasant to dine there, and by the end of the meal we were happy. 

I must say I am not an easy customer to be pleased when it comes to food and beverage. I do have my certain standards and it must be delivered in the way should be.

Can’t call it a night without good drinks and knowing the best bartender/ owner – Ueno San from bar high five in Tokyo is in town must go and have his classic signature cocktails at bar de luxe. Watching  Ueno San made the cocktails and he still remembered how picky I am as a drinker. I am not sure if it’s a compliment or not. 

Life is definitely good, especially when I get good food and drinks and I am all good for the day. 

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