22 ships tapas in wan chai

THE most hotly anticipated of the lot is 22 Ships, from Brit celebrity chef Jason Atherton. Atherton, protégé of Ferran Adrià and the brains behind hot London resto Pollen Street Social, has brought not only culinary kudos, but also a refreshing spin on tapas classics to the streets of Wan Chai.

22 Ships only 35 seats! but its an open layout and a hip laidback atmosphere lessen the feeling of confinement. The exposed front with counter seating and the capacity to spill out on to the street for casual drinks and nibbles gives an air of Spanish al fresco dining. The best seats are at the bar around the open kitchen, where you can watched all the actions going on in the kitchen and bar. 

I can’t stop ordering as much as possible on the menu but I got asked by the waitress ” are you that hungry and are you a chef ?” Well, I told her u got both right ! 

Beef tartare but with elegant touch ! 

Scallop ceviche is one my fav ! I would said must order dish at 22 ships.

Tuna tartare, its alright but I would prefer if the tuna a bit colder. 

Cauliflower with mushroom! This is another yummy dish and I would ordered again and again.

This is the only dish, I wasn’t crazy about it. Actually probably most of the dishes were good so I found this a bit disappointed.

After you have seen all the dishes I ordered and you understood why I got questioned by the waitress. 

Did I mention there is no reservation taken ? So make sure you go early especially if you got a bigger group, it would be hard to get a table.
22 Ships G/F, 22 Ship Street, Wan Chai

2555 0722 http://www.22ships.hk

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