Citadel of the women -Banteay Srei temple 

Banteay Srei temple about 28km from down town Siem Reap and not far to Kulen mountain if you would like to head up there. One of worth visit temple ! Exquisite decorative carving in pink stone. 

As you walk in, you will see linga on both hall way. 

As you walk in the carving of this temple will make you want to take a lot of photos. It’s not a big place but you will definitely find it fascinating. But make sure you put your head up and walk around of this place. It will probably take you at least an hour.


You are not allow to go into the center of the temple but you could walk around at every corner and choose one corner to take the pictures as you like. 

Sorry I think I got too excited plus it’s my last day so I decided to take a very good look at this place again. 

Hope you will find yourself here one day to enjoy being here just be alone or come with your love ones and see the wonderful carving. As for me, I have been indulging myself probably too much at all the temples but never enough. 

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