Amazing half marathon at Angkor Wat, Dec 4 2016

What an amazing experience to run at Angkor Wat with 9500 people this morning from all over the world ! 

Life is amazing ! And I will keep on running because it feels too good. I will never forget today running with group of good friends here! 

Traffic at 5 am and all the runners are heading to Angkor Wat. 

6:15 am all the 21K runners are in the position ready to rock Angkor Wat! Let’s get the party start it, shall we? 

Today I am the 21K runner and yesterday I sprained my ankle because I was taking the video at Angkor Wat. Left foot swollen like a mango but it didn’t stop me from running ! I was more focus on my run not my foot.

What amazing could this be ! Some were in wheel chairs. Kids are cheering us on the side roads. And few were in their costume. 


I was also busy taking photos ! I think many runners were as well.

Almost reaching the finish line ! And YES! I can do it !!!!

I made it !!! 

But then I really did medical attention because I was ignored my ankle just wanted to finish it. 

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