Can’t leave Germany without those!

Came to this restaurant and saw a group of good-looking guys and I thought they were all football players because they were just too good looking to be true. Well, this wasn’t the main reason I came to this restaurant ! I came to have pork knuckle, good decent mashed potato ( believe or not the best mashed potato I had been in Frankfurt not in France, sorry 😦  but that’s from my personal experiences and as a chef I was also amazed by their mashed potato in Germany. well, Of course BEER too !!

So, I ordered the food but guess how much they came !! Look at my size and how am I going to finish all. That just reminds me when I was in Laos and I ordered beer but the lady gave me the big glass bottle at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I looked at her and asked her why make you think I can finish this myself and she replied she does not have small so …well, I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere so I wasn’t going to argue with her but just smile at her.

So same thing when the food arrives I looked at the food at the guy while he was pouring the drink…hmmm…that’s a lot of food but when can I finish them ??  Anyway, just dig in and enjoy it! German food is not fancy but very heavy with meat, potato, beer or wine. So make sure you come HUNGRY !!


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