Friendly town- Siem Reap

As I always walk to my regular coffee shop and this tuk tuk driver said hello to me and asked if I remembered him ! I said of course and we start chatting ! He took me to Bakong few weeks ago and I told him I am here until the half marathon then he said he will take me to Angkor Wat for the run ! 

It’s my 4th week being in Siem Reap, life is vey simple for me but wherever I go people tend to recognize me maybe I often run instead of taking the tuk tuk. Even in Angkor Wat who would pay a tuk tuk driver just to follow you and take you there and back ? Well that would be me! 

Coming into my regular coffee shop coffee town, Solonh asked me where have you been ? Coz I was in Laos and didn’t come for my coffee. 

12 days to go before I leave Siem Reap and already start missing this town. But I will come back for the half marathon again next year ! 

Tuk tuk driver and he said this is his parking spot ! So I know where to find him.

My regular coffee shop with Solonh on the side. The owner is local Cambodian also speak fluent Japanese as a tour guide!

 Now I am sitting at the coffee shop chatting with 3 Cambodians all work for hotel and good smart young people! 

Maybe one day I will recruit them, we never know what’s gonna happen. 

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