Crazy experience, travel between Laos and Cambodia border

I don’t usually put out the company or giving people advises on which company to go to but after 4 days in Laos and I really can not stand how expensive they wanted to charge us !! I took a mini van from Siem Reap to Pakse with AVT. I didn’t know their price was that reasonable until I went to Pakse and 4000 island and looked around how much they are going to charge all the people to take them cross the border. well, when I was talking to the guy runs AVT van transportation, he was telling me he can not go anywhere near 4000 island because Laos mafia isn’t happy with their price.

Here is the price will cost you from 4000 island to Cambodia border price from USD$29 -32, AVT only charges USD$ 16 to from Cambodia border to Siem Reap and if you let the guy do the visa for you will cost you USD$40 instead of USD$30 if you do on your own. But then once you get into immigration at Laos they will always ask you for USD$2. What I did today…I TOTALLY IGNORE THEM ! I sat there and waited and let’s see who has more patient! then I had to walk cross to Cambodia border because AVT driver is not allowed to come near Laos border so I walked ! then reaching to Cambodia side. they asked me to fill out health form. I told them I have been living in Cambodia for 5 months and in and out of the country many times but I have never filled out the form before. They looked at me and said you are okay to go!! Honestly that’s bullshit because they were asking other foreigners to pay USD$ 1 for nothing.

I am glad I have multiple entry visa but then while I am getting my entry and departure card and they guy asked for USD$2. I told him NO, I am sorry I live here I never paid when I leave or come in then I asked him to give my passport back after he stamped it and walked out of the door.

Here is the AVT Asia Van transfer detail if you ever want to travel from Siem Reap to Laos

They can take you cross from Cambodia to Laos but if you want to come back from 4000 island you will have to take a boat from the island yourself, find a tuk tuk or mototaxi to Laos border and do the visa on your own but it’s not hard. Plus this is definitely a life experience to feel how corrupted  SE Asia is.


tel: +855-63-963-853

So, It is important to do some study before you travel !

Those are the people we ended up on the same ferry 7:30am this morning leaving 4000 island and took the same mini Van to Siem Reap together. Felt like we were on the refugee boat….hahaha

5 thoughts on “Crazy experience, travel between Laos and Cambodia border

  1. Hi, I am looking to travel with AVT from siem reap to Kratie. I cant seem to find any reviews about them online! So I just wondered if you could tell me how they were to travel with? Did they drive safely etc?
    Thank you,

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