Heading to the sleepy island -4000 island, Laos

If you don’t like to be with many people and want to be at somewhere quiet then 4000 island probably would be a good place for you to go but I must warn you not much going on just a place to chilled out, overlooking the river, blue sky and some cool happy drinks, are you down for it?

This morning I took a bus and our bus broke down many times with no AC, it was boiling hot but we managed to survive.

Finally arrived at nagasang station and had to walk to the ferry dock to get the ferry ticket before get on the boat. I am heading to donedet ! A busy island but the island is only 7 km 🙂

Put your backpack down and get yourself a seat wherever you like.

And I have no idea where I am going to sleep tonight but at long as facing the sunset area so I can just chilled out by the island I will be very happy with it.

I walked into this place and asked if they have vacan room, the lady showed me the room and cost me 70,000kips about USD$ 9 but with no AC just a fan.

This is the place I will be sleeping for tonight ! Not outside !!!! I don’t want to be eaten alive by mosquitos!

And the view from my room, not bad for the price but now just too hot to go anywhere so I prefer to just find a place to get some food and relax for a bit.

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