Walk through the border 

Changed two cars and 5 hours later I finally at the border of Cambodia and Laos. But this is the first time in my life walk through the border and I felt like going to Mexico!

While getting my passport stamped to get out of Cambodia, the guy asked for USD$2 for his own pocket money but funny everyone gave him. Mainly foreigners he asked for it.

This is Cambodia side

Time to walk to Laos border !! Excited !!!

There are prices for different countries to get into Cambodia so pay whatever price for yourself and then before getting your passport back the Lao guy also asked for USD$2 sound like there is connection between but again this is not the money for the government, pocket money again!

We passed few towns and I was the only foreigner in the van and the rest are Cambodians, the driver stopped at a town let us rest and while I was getting a bag of chip as my first meal of the day and I saw our van ….. no license plate all way he was driving no license plate !! How crazy can it be ! Welcome the south east Asia ! Driving through to another country without license plate !

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