Pakse hotel, a hotel with story behind 

I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights it was over my budget but I looked at the staffs and most of the hotels were fully booked so not much choice. But I was very happy with the decision I made to stay at Pakse hotel.

The hotel room rates are varied depending on what type of room you want and the price you are willing to pay. As for me I stayed at eco room USD$ 32 per night and I am happy with it because I spent most of my time out. The roof top has great view overlooking the Mekong river.

This hotel was built as a cinema- casino and it was heart of life in Pakse, the hotel located in the center of the city with all walking distance to the shops, Mekong river.

2003 totally renovated turned into a hotel so many people know about this place. With 65 rooms decorated in Laos traditional style.

Mr. kham phai works at night shift, every time I got back he always smile and asked how was my day and it was feeling like being home talking to family, it’s nice to have great hospitality.

If I ever come back again, I will definitely stay at this hotel for sure!

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