Chasing Khmer empire, Vat Phu temple, Laos

Okay I admit I am a bit crazy to come to Laos to see this but Pakse(South of Laos) is such a quiet town with little population in Pakse and shops close very early not much to do. All the activities only can be on early morning.

I know all I want to see is Vat Phu temple in Pakse.

This morning I took a bus and took me to Mekong river and had a nice boat ride and then tuk tuk ! What a great way to see Lao!

Here I am at Vat Phu temple !  Can you see lingas ?

This temple was not destroyed and what a  beautiful place to be !

Let me climb up to see the view of this beautiful landscape.

Lao is the closest place to the heaven that is definitely right ? So peaceful and quiet maybe it’s in Pakse so few people and I love it !

Friendly Laos  !

I love the old architecture and looking at this one almost clasping building with rich history in it and how hard would tse them to bring all the rocks up here ? To me this is something can never be replaced !

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