Is Cuba safe to travel?

Today a close friend asked me if Cuba safe to travel, I told him well, you can not find any better place safer than Cuba.

Cuba is a very safe place in many ways. Crime is nearly unheard of, they do not have the concept of crime as it exist in other countries.

A country have so little and most of the places will not accept your credit card, mainly cashes and have to change their currency when you are there. But one thing I found it very interesting the local Cuban have their own currency different to the tourists

when they shop at the stores, taking taxi. One day, I sneak to a shop and asked to change their own currency, the guy has to close all the doors and see if anyone watching us.

You still need to watch your own belonging but Cubans are generally friendly, although they have no little. I was staying with a Cuban family of 3 and before I leave Havana. I gave whatever I could to the wife and daughter.

Cubans are generally warm, friendly, have their own charms, artistic, Salsa lovers. Cuba is the best place you can only get cigar, Best place for rum so Cuba to me, its a broken paradise with all the rich histories behind it.

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