A walk at Preah Khan temple

Preah Khan is rectangular in shape and held 138 acres. The boundaries were surrounded a protective moat and also walls which were decoratet with wonderful carved stone garudas. The temple complex had a variety of diffferent kind of entries, towers and places. Also special features of Preah Khan Temple were its pavilion, the hall of dancers and the sanctum sanctorum.

I just can’t believe it’s still that hot during the dry season and I forgot how did I make it when I came here during the hot season ! No wonder I pour a bottle of cold water onto my head.

This is the back of the temple and you will get to see this view when walk from the back instead the front gate.

Long walk stop on the way to the temple and wish could have this old tree back home.

I am not here to tell you the story of each temple and I don’t want to ! The best way for you to find out is to indulge yourself at Angkor Wat for at least a week and take your time to walk through each temple just imagine yourself at the past time. I love to close my eyes and felt the carving and imagine myself how glory it was. 

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