Different way of living- Floating village at Tonle Sap

How interesting life could be ! While I was walking at the downtown of Siem Reap and could not believe the heat and I felt like I was in sauna as I was walking and was planning to discover some little coffee shops instead of the big coffee shops, then I walked into this small coffee shop and looks just opened not long ago. I ordered ice coffee large because it was too hot to have hot coffee with no air condition.

Then I start having conversation with the guy works behind the coffee machine. I asked him if he knows anyone can take me around by Moto to the floating village and around, within 2 minutes his friend shows up then we start heading to the village.

On the way, we stopped by the lotus field and we walked on the field and he showed me how to pick the fresh lotus seed and eating on our way to other village.

The best way is to hang out with the locals and they definitely take you to those places the tourist won’t go !

Can you see a grandpa smiling at me through his little tiny home ?  I smiled at him back and as he waved at me on my departure. To me that’s simplicity and beauty of life.

As I walked on this only path and those little boys running around naked ! And the men are fishing as the heat starting to cool down!

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