The glory old days -Angor Wat

After a week of running outside of Angkor Wat and got stopped over by the guys few times at the check point, I finally decided to purchase a week ticket to allow me running inside of Angkor Wat. Well, once I enter the temple there is no way I can run because its full of people inside the temple. I would be crazy and only run into people that’s for sure.


What I love the best is to find a spot just sit there and soak myself there for few hours. Or just wandering around a while and this would be a good time to be by yourself if you are coming here alone.

Here I am not going to put the whole view outside of Angkor Wat which I already did last time while I ran in and paid the guy for 5 bucks just to run outside.

What I love the most is the carving on the walls and monk is giving blessing to the people inside the temple. And this always making me wondering how it looked like at the old days. Now, I only can close my eyes and imagine it while sitting at a quiet spot.

If you are an early person, Angkor Wat is a great place to come and see the morning view but I guess I am not. I can stay up all night but can’t get up at 4am.

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