5 bucks worth spent it ! 

Didnt know there is no ticket booth but only check points so the guy was not going to let me in until I go back to the city to buy the ticket and come back with ticket so this is what I offered ! How about I give you 5 dollars and I won’t go inside just run outside and leave ! A cop will follow me to ensure I don’t go in! How crazy is that but feeling so protected by the cop!

I really feel like having a cold Angkor beer but I know it’s a bad idea so I will wait until I run back to the city.

This amazing view always worth it to come in ! After  5:30pm is free but the temple also close and plus it will be too dark to run back.

So if they want I can always give them 5 to run in and out.

Never get tired of the view!

Need to run the cop is following me

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