Giving 180 bikes away to the kids in the Chansor village

About an hour drive on the tuk tuk and finally reached our destination to Chansor village and it was not on the google map because not much going on there. At the village there is no electricity, no clean water and most of the kids walk to school everyday from their home. Some kids live very far away from the school and the principal, teachers were telling me some kids have to walk 5 hours to school with no shoes only flip-flop. Those kids study in the class with no fan, no light’s conditions. 

I am so grateful to be part of today’s activity and seeing 180 angels put beautiful smiles on their faces. We were giving them notebooks and pens for them to write and take notes and want all the grade 7 kids able to have one bike to encourage them to finish the class but the rule is they must come to class everyday and complete the their secondary school at least.

Exciting to see all the bikes are here but then here we go is the waiting part to wait until all the baskets are installed before giving away to the kids.

My day with the kids

I played with the kids during their break time and sat outside their class room to listen while they are in class. while I gave notebooks away they said ” thank you ” to me and I replied aukun to them with a smile.

I got so hungry by 11: 30 there is no place we could go for food and thank to the generous principal’s wife offering to cook for us. While we were waiting for the lunch to come and I saw the lady at school selling mango so I asked for 2 only cost me 1500 reils ( less than 50 cents ) ! So it was my snack before the lunch ! 

 Yeah lunch is READY ! 

All baskets are installed and time to give to give to the kids! Bikes testing time !

After all the fun and busy time and it’s time to say goodbye! 

6 thoughts on “Giving 180 bikes away to the kids in the Chansor village

      1. yes indeed it is, few years ago my cousin went to Cambodia and our family each gave him 10 euros (so he had like 300 euro) he send photos to us of the things he bought for the children there, so much for 300 euros, but these kids they have the day of their lives. I sometimes think, why don’t we be the “lottery” for them, we can miss this much money and they have the time of their lives.

      2. I am against giving money to the kids on the street or the adults always come and beg for money coz it’s endless and the best and only way is give them education, love and care!

      3. yes I’m against giving money too (directly to the children) but my cousin bought all kinds of toys (indeed books, bicycles, jumprope, some water balloons) and candy for them (of the 300 euros we gave my cousin), so the kids have of course never seen the money 🙂

      4. That’s the best way to do !! I am seriously thinking to start something so I can continue to pass on … so maybe after my first half marathon in Angkor Wat as charity international event.

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