My wonderful day cooking for those amazing kids 

What can be more meaningful to spend my last Sunday in Phnom Penh ! This has been on my plan so I put into action. Start to look for the orphanages and different places and then a friend told me this place so I wrote an email to the founder to ask if I could go over to cook for kids a meal over the weekend ! 

Those kids are greatest helpers! 

This definitely the first time I am cooking with 38 kids around the kitchen and keeping me so busy! 

Lunch is ready !  

Let’s have some fun after the lunch and the nap ! 

Thank you little hearts for giving me the opportunity to cook for those wonderful kids and hope to see you all again on my next visit! 

Giving is much better than receiving ! After heard all the kids with their own stories and how they ended up here , it’s sad but also a blessing for them to able to be at a place people actually care and love them. People with all the money but being cheap on others who need it ! Today I feel super awesome with all kids huging me ! Money totally worth spent it ! Life is super great to do what I do and love what I do! 

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