Looking back to Dec 2000

My first time backpacking alone, at that time the guy I was dating did not want to come with me and he thought I was crazy to go there myself. well another crazy thing was there was no digital camera yet so I was so much into black & white photos so I decided to get some films before my trip. well, as I landed and I did freak out a little with guard carrying machine gun at the airport, bank and hostel I was staying so I decided to stay away from Guatemala city so don’t ask me about the city because I saw nothing but people carried machine guns.

I flew from New York while everyone was heading to have holiday with their family but as for me I headed the other way…Guatemala !!

While I was traveling from village to village and many people wonder where I come from and what the heck am I doing there but the greatest thing was I met so many wonderful and interesting people.

Most of people like to stay at luxury places but as for me I really enjoy staying at hostel and meeting interesting people. People with no attitude, friendly and simple. There were many stories behind each one of them but as we are all individual travellers, its hard to have the attitude towards to others.

And the best thing to travel alone is if you don’t like someone you can turn your back and go, no string attached !!

Travel is addicting and backpacking is good in some countries. Easy to move around, it would look very silly to travel with a huge suitcase while going up to the lake or villages.


releasing the sea turtle near by the black volcano sea

people I met during my travel

Here just to share some photos I took nearly 16 years ago, so much memories and I still remember how poor those villages I have visited and one day when I arrived at a town called Chichicastenango and there was an earthquake as I was sitting at a small shop but I could felt the shake and imagine I was at the town surrounded by many volcanos.

I am not sure if you could see the colourful bus at the end. I called it ” chicken bus” its the bus for local Guatemalan and they often travel with chickens or other animals but where would those animals go on the bus? on the top of the bus ! its fun I took it once.


I love the textile so much and actually bought one as a gift for myself. As I am writing this and just feel its time for me to go back to visit again and see how Guatemala has changed after many years.

2 thoughts on “Looking back to Dec 2000

    1. hope you enjoy it …just felt we always go ahead to places we want to go but today i just had the idea why not look back where I have been to and felt like to go back again

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