A hike up to chiso mountain

Phnom chiso is a historical site located in sia village about 1.5 hrs to 2 hours drive (depending on the traffic ) from Phnom Penh city. 

The temple was built in 11 century and there are two galleries before reaching the temple.

Walking on the small path with all the rice fields along both sides 

Two galleries before reaching the temple. 

This is how we are going to reach the chiso temple! Long path and endless steps to count by the time I reach the top. Because it was very humid and not very pleasant to hike up there.

Simple lunch at the top of the temple and Khmer family is working hard to make the life out of it. But it isn’t bad for up here got nothing but great view ! 

Inside of the Chiso temple 

The beautiful kids and I asked if I could take photos of them and they gave me the most beautiful smiles for my camera especially the girl in red top, isn’t she has the great smile on her ? 

Friendly but skinny cows 

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