Market visit in Phnom Penh

Taking a walk but it’s hot, hot and hot !  Found there are a lot of familiarities in south East Asian countries ! 

It’s only my second day in Phnom Penh but already love it here. Friendly Cambodians always smile and they may not have seen enough yet but their happiness is rare to see in other countries ! 

Now I am sitting by the Mekong river and having their cold icy Angkor draft beer, just wondering how this city will become in the next few years. 

This central market is one of must visit place in Phnom Penh. You can find almost everything in the market from souvenir, daily products, food and it’s massive !

This is how it looks like outside 

I found it very interesting as I got stopped by a Cambodian guy didn’t know what he was saying but then I saw the ice block coming from the truck.

And there are the food parts 

The black one I don’t know the name of it first I thought it’s olives but then I asked the lady was buying she said it only comes in very short season and I asked if I could try one, it’s sour but I didn’t like it much.

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