Dead sea here I come !

This is so excited !! I am not a swimmer but I can not wait to be floating at the dead sea.

But thank you to this amazing driver was brought up in orthodox family until 4 years ago, he decided to change his life and it was not easy but what an amazing life he had and now. And maybe the whole trip I was laughing and smiling and he keeps on telling me ” Sara, you have such a good spirit” well, I relied ” life is too short so why live in sadness? ”


So excited as we were driving close to dead sea, there are many zones He can’t reach because Israel is close to many muslim countries and there is actually a sign shows – its forbidden to drive to those zones. well, if you dare to go ( for israelis) and  if got shut …it’s not their problem !!


This is for real as we were going through but today our driver just can’t take us to area A because he is Israeli.

The beauty of traveling alone is you do not know anyone on your trip but at the end of the trip, we talk and laugh and became friends.

And look I am floating and its wonderful but bloody salty. This is not drinkable so don’t go crazy to try.


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