Holy City- Jerusalem

Never stop traveling especially with a thick, rich history behind this place. Well, my long journey began after 20 hours later finally arrived in Tel Aviv but why there is no public transportation operate today ?? Oh, No!! Shabbat day!! What am I going to do and how to reach Jerusalem and plus I am backpacking so no accommodation booked.

After standing in front of this and finally someone was kindly enough to tell me NO BUS TODAY !!


No luck with the bus because its shabbat day so I was lucky enough there was a small van taking people to Jerusalem and I met people on the way and found myself a nice hostel and ready to see the town. But before start walking all over the town, I was watching this place and I went over to ask the people actually having it and how it taste like ..all they told me was amazing ! So, I decided to get one. wow, the dough do taste like Taiwanese pancake but without scallions ( fluffy ) and I love all the fillings. you can choose whatever you like.

If I am a vegetarian, I could have this everyday !



Not much I could see since I got to Jerusalem late and most of the places are closed but tomorrow will be the big day – WALKING !!


More to come as its been a long journey and also time difference so need to get some rest before all the fun part about to begin.

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