Culture differences 

Last night, I decided to go for handmade udon place but as I walked in the waitress told me : our last order will be 9pm but you can stay until 9:30pm. I looked at the time it was 8:30 pm. Well, I just got very used to eating late the last 1.5 months in Spain- dinner usually at 10pm but all the sudden back to Taipei and restaurant close at 9:30pm but kitchen close at 9pm. Not all but restaurants mainly open until 10pm but kitchen usually close at 9:30pm. 

But there are also night markets to hunt for food ! 

What is good ?? eat late or early ? I guess when I am out I prefer restaurant open late so I can stay out later and enjoy my time but eating late isn’t so healthy ! I remember 2 years ago before I worked in China. I always try not to eat late, not only it’s healthy but also I could spend more time out really enjoy the meal no rush ! 5 years ago I start a very healthy routine dinner before 7pm and no heavy food at night !! 

This is what I believe : you are what you eat so don’t be fast, easy or cheap !! 

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