Going to the south of Spain – Seville 

What a warm weekend we had in Seville, it hit 22 degrees!! the old town is like a maze as you walk in the narrow street and it would be very silly to drive in Seville as streets are too narrow and just won’t able to enjoy ! The best idea is to walk and enjoy every single corner of Seville ! 

Walking 14 km a day is nothing because there are plenty of bars, tapas places, churches and cathedral for you to stop by ! 

I wondered how Spanish people able to stay so thin as they drink so much and constantly eating but look at the portion of tapas .. It’s nothing compare to other countries the food they eat.

From Madrid to Seville by Renfe high speed rail only take you 2 hours and you arrive at this Islamic influenced town. Last summer, I was in Turkey and I saw enough mosques and it was really overwhelmed but when I visited “real alcazar” in Seville and saw the Islamic painting and some designed on the wall was very interesting ! 

I love how things are so simple and good as Seville is such a popular place for people due to the warm climate and many places to see ! If you ask me what I love the most in Seville..? Well. It’s a very tough question because every places is so unique. Okay, plaza españa is an amazing place it’s a place really make me go wow !! How could this place be so beautiful. And I really love the old part of town so much, as I could see orange trees all over the town and the citrus smell just make me so happy. I feel this city is doing such a good job to plant all the orange trees up at each corners and it’s such a visitor friendly place to be. 

If you ever get a chance to come to Spain and make sure u don’t miss Seville ! 

I forgot to mention that they eat a lot of frying food especially frying seafood. 

I am not into big restaurants and I found some interesting places to go for tapas and you could barely get in but I could see people really enjoy their time out ! I believe it’s the Spanish culture standing bars with good crowds that means a good place to be ! 

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