Where is the famous suckling pig comes from ?

What do you smell as the train arrives in this town- Segovia? the burning wood and as we took the bus to the center and that is the smell of the winter.

There is the Aqueduct of Segovia, located in Plaza del Azoguejo, is the defining historical feature of the city. Segovia- another heritage city !


As you keep on walking and you will smell the burning wood and see the suckling pig at all restaurants, you can get it anywhere but Segovia is well known f0r the suckling pig and you have to give it a try.  This country eat a lot of pork, suckling pig, chorizo, iberico jam on, blood pudding and cook in all different ways but amazing, you know why because the ingredient itself is amazing and like I always told people when they came up to me and ask how to cook better, I always tell them ” fresh ingredients, good quality and keep it simple.


The Segovia Cathedral, the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain.[citation needed] It is considered a masterpiece of Basque-Castilian Gothic architecture and is known as “The Lady of Cathedrals.” I look at good look at this cathedral and its so different to others and inside the cathedral is spacious and it took me a while to walk.



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