Obsessed with Chocolate con churro

Well, I am not sure if its the weather or I am just so into this deep fried dough with thick, rich hot chocolate. I went for a long walk, not because of the walk. I just wanted to go for the ” chocolate con churros”.  – call me crazy !!

If you are smart enough and know how to please me, just take me to a place with good chocolate and do really well with churros and you will bring back a big happy smile on my face.

San Gines is an old place for it and I was here 10 years ago and it still good. what was the best about this place. you can go there after a night out having a lot of tapas and drinks but still feel hungry. OMG !! this definitely put you right into bed with the deep fried churros or porras. Okay! the different between these two : churros is skinner and crispier but porras is thick but doughier. To me porras taste like the Taiwanese breakfast my mom often got me so I am familiar with the taste.

After eating all different places and these two are my fav places to GO !!

Valor start in 1881 Spanish brand. This chocolate is thick rick and you can simply go there at the store to indulge yourself to spend a quality afternoon there.

San Gines, you can not be missed when you are in Sol and its in one of the small alley just take a good walk and you will find this bookstore before you entering that small street. You can always see people lining up and waiting to get themselves a cup of hot thick chocolate with churros or porras !!

Both places are great in Madrid city but there are many other places and in suburban areas you often can see a food truck make churros or porras so you can just go to supermarket and get a pack of  Valor from carrerfour and indulge yourself at home as well.

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