Old food Market in Port

it was a raining day and also the best time to visit the market with less people ! You must think I am crazy but I just don’t like to be with bunch of people trying to see what’s on at the market that’s all.

Maybe its Christmas season and not many vendors are out, as I tried to come yesterday but market was closed so I must make sure I take a look of this market. Most of the girls like to go shopping but as for me anything related to food just take me there !!

I often tell guys want to take me out…no need a fancy car, but must make sure you feed me well and take me to the markets !! I like to touch and smell the food as I walk along the market. To me, this is the Disneyland !


I took a photo of this lady as she looks so lonely and no one is buying her produce.



More about the market …..

I took the photo of the cat as the cat was falling asleep peacefully.

And the whole time walking at the market the lady in red was the most cheerful person I have seen.

If you haven’t been to Port, try to pay a visit !! its such a romantic town to spend a long weekend.


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