Wonderful get away- Port

Port, a beautiful town in Portugal. Many beautiful cathedrals, stores with long history, old market. And I found this city has a lot to offer.

But what would you think of Port at first? Port wine ? Of course, for all the wine or should I call it alcohol lover ?

It was a short trip after Christmas day and the best time to visit with less crowds.

The oldest train station in Port ! beautiful design and I could just stood there to admire it.

Do you know Harry Potter’s Library idea was from this bookstore in Port ? (Sorry I didn’t bother to get in and just to pay to look at the bookstore which everyone should have not pay for getting in to the bookstore, so I only took a photo from the outside) But i took a look of the bookstore it was really pretty.

Many beautiful cathedrals

Those are the histories can not be built in one day and its nice they keep the way is it.

I love the old trams running around in town.

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