Eating during holiday in Madrid

It has been over 10 years since my last visit and nothing changes but the food always great !! People constantly eating tapas, drinking sangrias, beer, outstanding restaurants and of course ! “churro con chocolate ” is the one must have when you come to Spain !!

Some tapas place when you order a drink they will give you a tapas so the more you drink and the more tapas you will get and by the time you are done drinking. you are done with dinner as well. This is why Spanish people are always eating and they also eat late. Lunch usually at 2:30pm and dinner time around 10pm.

Food is simple but good !!

This is a stop I had 2 days before Christmas, after a good walk at the Retiro Park and I think I deserved some nice drinks and some tapas.

What is great about Spain is you eat and drink then go for a nice walk and then eat and drink more !

The photos was taken during Christmas. Eating with good group of family friends and sing along after few alcohols we had, it was such a wonderful holiday. Nothing can be better to spend the holiday with great companies, love, laugh and great food !!

Sorry I should have posted this during the Christmas holiday but I have been busy eating !!

Happy 2016 everyone

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