Up ! Up! Up!

This is one of the main reason I wanted to come to this town- Cappadocia ! There were many stories before I finally joined the hot air ballon tour! But all I must tell you is ” Its AMAZING” At the end of 60 minutes hot air ballon tour, i actually had to yell out loud “I want more and I don’t want to go down yet”.

I feel like I was a little kid in that movie “up” so full of joys and it was my truly happy moment. Although, I had to get up at 3:30am to get ready and call the friend I just met at the hostel in less than 12 hours to join but I am so happy I made it.

Waiting for the ballon to be ready

I am so ready to go in with a group of people I do not know except Oren, We met at the hostel where we all stayed but it was funny how we met. I was about to check out and he just checked in and as we start chatting so we decided to take the hot air ballon together so I changed my bus ticket, got my hot ballon tour and stay extra night at the Cappadocia!! its very spontaneous.

Get the taste of it – true beauty !! No wonder this place is the busiest destination in the world for hot air ballon.

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