Cappadocia- what an amazing land to be

Do you know what is Cappadocia mean??? it’s a land of beautiful horses. well, it took me 12 hours on over night bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Sat next to a local turkish college girl, saw her parents came with her to say goodbye and watching her mom was crying so much about this girl is going back to school. I would love to have conversation with them but most of them don’t speak English and just hard to carry the conversation but smile.

found the budget cave dorm 10 euro a night, super friendly staff and remember when I arrived there I was so tired because slept over night on the bus and my butt was not in the happy mood, soon after arrived in Cappadocia need to find a place to start my day walking around this cute little town.

Nothing much but standing at the top of the cave and listen to the chanting from mosque. I actually told the local turkish people ….I am gonna miss the music so much. I don’t feel it’s chanting but feel its the sound of music. Things just seems to be so beautiful once you open you mind and heart and care free.

World Heritage underground city
it gets pretty cold down there….but there is only one question came into my mind…where is the toilet?? I saw kitchen, bedroom, church, living area, place for animals but no bathroom…

Goreme open air museum
You can not miss this place once you are in this town….so much Caves to see… and churches !! not going to post all the photos and hope one day you get a chance to visit yourself in person.

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