Eating all over Mexico streets

It’s only my second day being in Mexico City but it’s been really amazing with my friends showing me all the food places to eat and what locals really are eating !!  

Here are three important things in Mexican cuisine : sour, spicy, sweetness. Hard to find food without those three in it. The sourness gives you the appetite to start the meal, spicy coz u find every corner of vendor of food whatever with chilli in it. It’s amazing but also good. 

It’s really sad that most people relate to Mexico to the crime but until u have met the local Mexicans and know abt the culture and cuisine. Please don’t just think of the down side of it because it’s really sad not knowing the beauty of Mexico until u truly experience it by meeting and talking to locals.

I always love Latin America. Mexico is full if colors and all. What I love abt Mexican is – mole. A sauce with over 20 spicies so heavy but yummy. 

Today I walked so much so I can smell the food, tasted it and know what’s go with what, getting more inspirations in cooking. To me that’s truly amazing. 

And I also had grasshopper !! 

Photos will be uploaded later on

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