Great hike in Wuzhi Mt. Hainan China and around

Its been a great weekend….hiking in the pouring rain barely could see what’s up at the front but all I know was must keep on moving forward before it gets dark can’t really see anything.

Here are some great photos I was taking while hiking up to the highest mountain in Hainan!! The local people has the saying that ” if you have never been to Wuzhi Mt. don’t tell others you have been to Hainan. When I heard that I thought it was a joke but then after spending two days there…everything was so simple and good, isn’t that life suppose to be that way?

Another amazing place to discover – Amazing rice fields up in the very local village called Yahu. The driver was so confused why this gal want to come up here ? well, sorry I grew up in the big city but always love being in the nature. Since I already spend half day on the bus to get here why not take the advantage to come up here to see the beauty most of people haven’t discovered it yet.

Definitely had amazing weekend but now my legs no longer belongs to be now… too much hiking and walking over the weekend but if you ask me ” would you come here again?, I would say YES!! legs aches so what??

Happy weekend everyone

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