This beef definitely put me into the best mood

There are so many way to breed the Cows!! But plum feed beef can not find elsewhere but only by a restaurant owned Japanese guy special breed this one for good friends and very important guests and I was lucky enough to be invited.
When he talks about this beef, he was so proud and I could feel the passion for it.

You have no idea how yummy this beef is unless you have tried personally. How am I going to describe this..let me think..well, have you tried the Japanese plum wine? sweet and once you are into it…just hard to stop..this beef is like that…the meat was so sweet and it just melt into your mouth within a second.

A lot of people do not get it – A good dish must contain good ingredients, its just as simple as that! It should be simple but all the ingredients must be good!

Let’s cook the Japanese way- Shabu shabu and with citrus soy sauce to go with it. Its simple but delicious!

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