A new chapter of my life in Sanya Hainan, China

You all must wondering …with all the cities in China why do I pick Sanya? well, Good weather all summer year around, no air pollution yet !! Simple life

This just something very different. Although this is still China and most of the people coming to Sanya to have vacation are mainly the mainland Chinese, some Russians.

the first two weeks was not easy…looking for an apartment to settle in and have difficulties when I go to the bank, government owned companies….So, I have tried to avoid going to those places whenever I can. I thought, I have learnt my patiences in the past years but when you trying to sit there and talk to the local banker for hours and just one simple thing they kept on coming back to you asking the same thing after. To a point, I had to raise my voice to certain level and told the banker ” have you been sleeping the whole time?” and then finally the banker woke up !! Thank God! After that I know people here still can not think fast or be multi-tasks. If you tell them too many things at once, they will probably look at you and go..WHAT?

Despite from going to those places, I really enjoyed the sunny weather just so pleasant all the time. When the weather is nice, I would walk to the beach on my day off and get beer and find a place to get tan- Right there, I know I am in good hand!

Grew up in the big city and lived in western country for long time and spent half time of my life so far living abroad but this is another country and different culture need to learnt. I am just very grateful for what I have every moment in my life as always.

I am going to do the best I can to tell you all the places I like and I often go but again this is just the personal preference!

Here is one place I discovered on one Sunday morning, As I loved to walk and asked my local colleagues for local food recommendations. I decided to take my camera with me as I do always.

Cantonese style – steamed rice roll stuffed with pork, egg (you can also choose either seafood or beef other than pork)
I saw many people were lining up so I went over and asked one guy was waiting on the line how does he like about this place. He replied ” this is the best in Sanya he had ” From a local guy lives in Sanya..that convinced me very much so I went for a try. And then I sat in started to have conversation with the owner about why makes me come to Sanya….As the conversation goes I realized he grounds his own rice flour at the store and no wonder it tastes so good.

They do not buy this as a pet, those lovely animal were selling in the middle of the street while I was walking on the main street in Sanya city, And they will be on someone’s dinner table tonight!

mmmm…yummy or sad?

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