Something about Nice, France

learnt so much about Nice by meeting the local people….. One great night dinning at an Italian restaurant in Nice
the tables are so close to next and I ended up having conversation with the table next to me at the end. It was great!!


The local told me I must try the gnocchi here!! very fluffy …some told me the gnocchi was from Nice because Nice has a complicate history and I am not here to teach the history so just let share the love with you all!!

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The beauty of the Ocean view in Nice, the weather hasn’t been very good during my stay in Nice but nothing is going to stop me going out!!

Met this couple two days in the role….I offered to take photos for them and we ended up taking photos together….sometimes when you travel alone you get to meet people anywhere and everywhere! That is what I called the beauty of traveling alone 🙂

More about downtown Nice

I love how this young French dad taking three of his kids out! He knows I was taking photo of him and just the way he looked at his kids making me admire him!

I am not the type of person into fashion ..also in Wine but the day when I was walking on the street and I realized its the first day beaujolais start….all the wine stores are having celebration…free tasting and everyone looks very happy after a glass or two wine, Just LOVE IT!!

Such a beautiful village- Eze village

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