Marseille, The Oldest Town in France

When the wind blow …..

( While I was waiting for the bus to Marseille, it was not a great day but nothing can stop me going out!)

Arrived at the Marseille station, this is the major station to travel but my French friend was right about Marseille! Not really a nice town to stay but okay just to spend a day by the seaside and going to the places.

Marseille station- what a great place to meet up with friends or for a date?

(Sorry, it wasn’t a perfect day for photograph but sharing is loving)

As I stepped out the station and trying to find my way around this town!
I remembered the first time I visited France years ago, I was deeply in love with the architectures, rich history, culinary experiences you will never get bad food in France and every street you walk into you will find something amazed you. well…at least that’s what I experienced! Travel is the best way to learn about other cultures, history and life but make sure you keep your heart and mind open for all.

it looks nice when the shops are all closed so I get to take all the photos!

to be continued….

Before the night ends, I would like to wish you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy holiday with your love ones!
This is the first Christmas I spend the time alone in China. One place, I would love to be now is at the Church to attend the midnight mass. That’s something I have never missed in the past. But there is always a first time for everything I believe!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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