Fall in Provence, France

Took a train from Lyon to Aix en provence, its such a pretty town with a lot of narrow streets. The downside to come in late fall would be cold weather but the best part would be stay away from the tourists. But I wish I could come back during the late summer when the lavender still out.

I have been backpacking the whole journey, carried my backpack at the back and a day pack in the front. And every countries I visited I often figured out the place to stay when I landed. For someone who is always very organized at work and this is what I think real vacation should be! NO itinerary, no set routine of work, no set plans and definitely just GO WITH THE FLOW!! Life can’t be better than just be yourself and enjoy the every single moment you could in life. Most of people would just waited and wish they could do what I am doing but why wait for things if you could make a change and make it happen. Live in life!!

First day in Aix en Provence

I love walking at those narrow streets and such a great way to get yourself lost.

Around Provence ..Avignon, Arles and many other more……

Its cold but at least the sun is still shinning !

All I have to say Provence is such a pretty place to be but each little town is so different.

I am so much in love with this sign!! Will you marry me??? Say YES!! Oui!!!

there will be more about Provence later …sorry for the late posted.

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