The Broken Paradise-Havana, Cuba

Cuba is one of the place, I have been wanting to go before it gets too late. The reason why I said that is Cuba is so rich in history but you will never know what is the real story behind it because things could be changed the next day.

I am just so glad I made this trip. And this is probably the first time, I stayed in one city for that long on my trip but I have met so many people while my stay in Havana.

Landed in Cuba and the airport is so small but there are many terminals so its very much depending on where you flying in from.

The food in Cuba is horrible and as long as is clean and you don’t get sick. Thats why. I basically drink ” Mojito” during the day or the local beer and “Rum” at night.

(this is what I had at the first restaurant nearby where I stayed in central Havana) Terrible food and expensive too.

I imagine Cuba 50 years ago, it must be a beautiful city but what it has all left is a memory but may not be there in the future who knows….

Beautiful Malecon ocean drive

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more photos can speak without words….

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To be continued …….

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