Day 5&6 Titicaca lake and Puno

Another long trip after hike down from Machu Picchu took the afternoon train to Ollantaytambo and the bus to Cusco but not done yet…getting some food to eat before heading to the local bus station for the Puno night ride.

Finally arrived in Puno and the hostel was kind enough to let me drop off my backpack and just bring the necessary stuff I need for the Titicaca lake trip.

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Staying with the local family and the mama provided breakfast and dinner for us but you will not have any meat at the dinner table because its just too hard to get and expensive to have too.

The altitude is about to kill me in Cusco city and now just got worse because I am about to hike up to the top of the mountain about 4300 feet above the sea level.

At the night we all dress up like the local people…there were a lot layers of cloth to put on and now I know why they all look BIG. And its been a wonderful experience and definitely a hard one but will never forget for sure!

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I forgot to mention….there were 21 others on the boat with me and these 3 guys from USA, France and Spain wanted to jump into titicaca lake before we head back to Puno. But its freezing and the water is extremely cold so let’s see how they did…well, they jump in and yell out!! ITS BLOODY COLD!! well, the rest of us just stand on the boat and laugh!

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