Day 2 – Sacred Valley Cusco, Peru

After a good night rest, my altitude sickness got a bit better so its time to do more sightseeings.

its amazing how they colored from all the natural resources!

Purple spaghetti !! just kidding

Chinchero Market
Wonderful fresh produces at the market, less touristy here.

Yummy corn with peruvian sauce and cheese

Awesome view and animals always on our way …those animals do not care about the cars or whatsoever

Maras Salinas- Poorly access with dirty roads but with amazing salt ponds surrounding by mountains and definitely worth it to go.

Moray- Inca ruin

Meeting people from all over at Moray!
(This lady from Mexico asked me to take photo with her because I was walking behind her alone)

(This guy is backpacking from Argentina with no time frame all over South America. I am super jealous of him.)

Ollantaytambo – Here I come!


Got into a hostel and time to walk around this little pretty town.

Ruin in Ollantaytambo

My new friends from Brazil, met at hostel where I stayed in Ollantaytambo. Thank you for making my night with full of laughters.

Tomorrow heading to Machu Picchu!

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